With our passion for Cologne and its local beer specialty Kölsch, we want to take you on a journey to our favorite brewhouses in town. Become part of the Crew and try different Kölsch brands and learn why we love Kölsch so much! We spontaneously adapt every single tour to the group, so we can truly say: Our Cologne - Your tour!

Discover the unique local beer culture of cologneLearn why we love Kölsch so muchMake new friends
Kölner Dom

Meet our team!

Our team consists of people from different countries, with different professional backgrounds and different ages. But what we all got in common is our love for Cologne and beer!

We consider it a strength, that each of our team members has his or her unique approach to the tour, because only like that we can all be authentic. Of course our biggest aim is to give you the best possible experience in our home town!

Our Guides

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