Let's make it a night to remember!

We will meet you in a traditional brew house for a relaxed start with good local food (optional). Our experienced guides will teach you to pour a perfect Kölsch (10 liter barrel of Kölsch included).
From there we will bring you more cool pubs or sights in Cologne's historic old town. We will have games and tasks for the bachelor(ette) prepared or will include your games.

As you wish, we will finish the tour in a cool pub or a famous local night club. You prefer a strip club to finish? Sure, we can do that! Just pick the option!
Do you have more wishes? Like transfer to the strip club in a party limousine? A stripper to surprise the bachelor? We are happy to help!


Pour your own beer


What's included?

  • 3 hours guided Tour
  • 10 liter barrell of Kölsch beer in the first traditional beer house
  • Afterwards, depending on your wishes, we continue with tradional beer houses, cool pubs or outside drinking. Of course, we'll include games if you're up for that!


  • Full meal in the first brewhouse included (+ 10,- EUR per person)
  • End at Wiener Steffie, a popular and fun local pub, 10 liter barrel of Kölsch included (+ 10,- EUR per person)
  • Strip club instead of party club, including unlimited drinks all night long (+ 35,- EUR per person)


meet other people
good for bachelor(ette) parties
good for larger groups