A night at the legendary Kwartier Latäng - Discover some of the best pubs in Cologne!

Normally we like to take you to our favorite breweries in Cologne. If that's too quiet for you and you're looking for an exciting night out, we have the perfect offer for you!

Experience an unforgettable night in Kwartier Latäng, the legendary student district in Cologne, named after the Latin Quarter in Paris. Our experienced guides will show you the best pubs and bars in the neighborhood and make sure you have an unforgettable night. And right in the first pub we'll start with a 10-liter keg of Kölsch!

During the tour you will not only learn everything about the coolest bars and pubs in the neighborhood, but also interesting facts and stories about the Kwartier Latäng and the particularly popular liquors in Cologne. Let us surprise you and experience a night full of fun and of course delicious Kölsch! And of course we'll give you tips on which clubs you can turn night into day and where you can get the best hangover breakfast the next day.

Book your private tour at Kwartier Latäng now and experience an unforgettable night in Cologne!

What is included?


  • 3-hour guided tour of the best pubs in the Kwartier Latäng.
  • 10 liter keg of Kölsch in the first pub
  • Tips for the rest of the night and for the hangover breakfast the next morning


Entertaining tour
Experience the legendary Kwartier Latäng
Get to know other people
Good for JGAs
Good for larger groups
Fully customisable to your wishes