Our classic for solo travellers and small groups!

This is our classic Tour in Cologne's Old town. Our entertaining Guides will bring you to for tradtional brewhouses in Cologne's historical and touristic center. In each of the brewhouses you have the possibility to try a different Kölsch and will learn a lot about the local beer specialty Kölsch, the city of Cologne and the special mentality of the locals. Get to meet people from all over the world on our public tour!

What to expect?

On this tour, we will bring you to 4 traditional brewhouses in Cologne's historic old town. All the places have a unique history and stories to tell about them. You will learn, who the Köbes is and why you shouldn't mess with him or her. In Cologne, you don't have to order the beer, but prevent a new one from being served, if you don't want another fresh Kölsch. Of course, we will make sure, you know how to not get another Kölsch.

Obviously, a tour about the Kölsch cannot go without background knowledge about this local beer specialty! Where can it be brewed? What differentiates Kölsch from other German and international beers? Is it an Ale or a Lager? Why was it invented? Why is it served in these tiny glasses?

Each of our Guides has their unique style, different favorite brewhouses and other favorite stories to tell, because we believe, only like that our tours can be truly authentic. We do not have contracts with any of the brewhouses, so each guide is free to visit his favorite ones and can let you taste their favorite Kölsch brands.

Here is a selection of some of the brewhouses, that might be visited:

  • Bierhaus am Rhein
  • Bierhaus en d'r Salzgass
  • Brauerei zur Malzmühle
  • Brauereiausschank Pfaffen
  • Brauhaus Sion
  • Dom im Stapelhaus
  • Früh am Dom
  • Gaffel am Dom
  • Gilden im Zims
  • Peters Brauhaus
  • Sünner im Walfisch

Why are the tours offered without included drinks?

In all the brewhouses, we pay the same price as everyone else. Including drinks would cause us administrative costs, we'd have to add to the tour price. Compared to the old option with 4 beers included, you can enjoy one more beer for the same price.


entertaining tour
learn everything you need to know about Kölsch
meet other people
good for bachelor(ette) parties
good for larger groups