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Since 2019, we've been taking our guests on tours through our favorite brew houses in Cologne. Experience our passion for Cologne and its local beer specialty on our exclusive brew house tours. Discover the best brew houses in the city, try different Kölsch brands, and find out why we love our Kölsch so much.

Our experienced guides, each with their own background and style, ensure authentic and unique experiences. We tailor our tours spontaneously to the group's wishes, making each tour truly one-of-a-kind. Discover the real Cologne with us - book your brew house tour now!

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Our tours

Public Tours

Our public tours are the perfect choice for solo travelers, couples and small groups. A great way to enjoy Kölsch on a budget while also getting to know fellow travelers!
19€ per person

(€17 for students)

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Private Tours

Our private tours are ideal for larger groups that want to stay among themselves and want the tours to be adapted individually. They are also the perfect choice for Bachelor(ette) parties/Stag does/Hen does.

from 180€ per group

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Bachelor(ette) Parties

Whether you want to start slowly into the alcoholic part of the day with a leisurely brewery tour, where you learn something about Kölsch, Cologne and Cologne people, or start directly with a party tour, our tours are perfect for your JGA!
from 180€ per group

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Our guides

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Guide Felix


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Guide Zoe


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